What type of Videos are you looking for?

The purpose of your video plays an important role in deciding what videos is best suited. Check from the listed ones to see which one is best for you :

Promo Video(s)

In this age of social selling, your Social Media page is as important as the entrance to a physical store. In this fast paced world, first impressions do matter to get visitors' attention. And the top of your Facebook page is one such digital real estate that you must not ignore.

Objectives : Brand building, Brand communication

Story video(s)

The newer kind of video in a 4 x 5 format. This packs more punch when you are looking to have a more intimate connection and want to give a bit more background context or Story about your brand. Hence the name Story Video(s). These are very popular in passion based niches such as home and beauty care, kitchen and garden, and DIYs.

Objectives : Paid promotions -Purchase-intent (conversion ) ads, How to Videos, Social proof -Success stories/Customer Reviews.

Square Video (FB/IG)

The Primary format for paid promotions. It is meant to present your products to the audiences that are most probable to buy from you.

Objectives : Paid promotions - Lead Generation, Purchase-intent (conversion ) ads. These can be used in multiple places in the Facebook ecosystem such as FB feeds, Instagram feeds, and more.

YouTube Video

The Largest collection of intent and purpose based videos is also a perfect place to build and spread your brand. A video with the right audience targeting in the YouTube can help you reach far more receptive audience, and serve multiple purposes such as educating your audience about your brand, generate better quality leads, drive traffic to your site and generate sales.

Objectives : Lead Generation, brand outreach, brand engagement, driving more traffic, and driving sales.

Warm-up / Pre-Qualifying Video

A special type of videos which have gained importance recently. Designed as a hybrid format of video from lead-copy and video creatives, it is meant to filter out the audience in a way that a better class of traffic goes into your sales funnel. In fact, this video can boost your higher returns from your ad budget.

Objectives : Capturing/ Qualifying better leads which helps in overall better utilization of your ad-campaign budget.

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